Guild Wars 2 Playstyle And Build Co-ordination

There’s no such thing as an “Infinite Evade” Warrior. In fact, if you simply want to Evade using 1, single skill (such as “Dodge”), you won’t be able to do it all the time on ANY Class. Classes such as Thief, Ranger, & Mesmer all have multiple Evade skills.

You can increase the frequency of your Dodges on Warrior by constantly refilling Endurance, but there is only 1 Warrior Signet related to that: the “Signet of Stamina”. This refills your Endurance 50% faster AS LONG AS YOU DON’T USE THE SIGNET; it’s basically like having the Vigor boon all the time, but you give up a Utility slot for it. Also, it doesn’t stack with anything.

The Warrior Trait “Building Momentum” will also help you by refilling your Endurance everytime you use a Burst Skill (F1 on your Weapon Skills). This will give you an extra Dodge every minute or so, but only gives you 15 Endurance (a Dodge uses 50), and if you are Dodging a LOT, then you won’t refill your Adrenaline as fast, which is needed to use guild wars 2 gold.

The “Sigil of Energy” is very popular with WvW Warriors, however, as it refills 50% of your Endurance on Weapon Swap, giving you up to 3 Dodges in a row before running out. It has a 9 second Cooldown, however, and traited Warriors can Weapon Swap every 5 seconds, so you will see Warriors sometimes using this Sigil on BOTH weapons for the extra Dodge.

Then there’s food… the “Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew” gives you 40% Endurance regeneration (+ Might on Dodge), but I don’t know if it stacks with “Signet of Stamina”. I’ve heard that it does, I’ve heard that it doesn, I’ve heard that it used to but not anymore, but I personally haven’t tested it lately (I run Bowl of Lemongrass Poultry Soup on my Warrior these days). If it stacks then you would have INSANE Endurance regeneration, and combined with the gear listed above, you would be able to Dodge A LOT, though still not quite infinitely…

I can confirm that this food works fine with the Thief trait “Feline Grace”, but that technically returns some of the Endurance on each Dodge, and is not considered “Endurance Regeneration”. Thief and Ranger do, get very, very close to infinite Evade if traited and geared correctly, but to reach the “nearly infinite” level they have to use Evade Skills other than just Dodge.

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