Rebuilding Lions Arch Overview In Guild Wars 2

The main aim of this update/event is allow the community to help create something for the world they live in. Helping recreate the capitol is a chance for the community and developers together to create (hopefully) permanent content for the game that we can enjoy and be proud of together.

Since this update revolves around the recreation/redesign of the whole map of lions arch i have done my best to recycle old events in a new form so most of the development time can be spent towards the recreation/redesign of the city.

The update has four main components the first three being recycled events in a new form and the last one being a choice of two events that dramatically effect the new lions arch.

Component 1 – Donation and Council commendations.

This is a recycled event from the start of the Karka invasion involving the rebuilding of the lions arch lighthouse. The player base donated resources in exchange for various amounts of council commendations and exchanged these commendations for various rewards. This served multiple purposes, firstly being a drain on the massive amounts of resources in the economy and a gold sink. The rewards were simple tools and disassembler kits which were a godsend to newer players and veterans alike, it also allowed an access to the lionguard weapons that did not involve karma. I think this should be the same but with new rewards added, like a back peice or mini to commemorate the rebuilding of lions arch, maybe even access to different cultural weapon skins (since this is a city for all the five races) as a way to get the skins for newer characters that does not involve massive amounts of karma.

Component 2 – Refinement of materials.
One of the two major events taking place in lions arch. This one can just be simple tasks or more complex ones depending on what dev’s are willing or able to do. Here are a few ideas from me.

Foreman Gnashblade

Evon Gnashblade has organized workmen to refine simple materials into tools and items to rebuild lions arch but his aide forgot to organize labor to move materials from the stock piles to the workmen. Evon Gnashblade will call out for various materials to be delivered to various workstations, it will be upto the players to ensure that the materials get to the workforce in time.

This event could be as simple or as complex as you want, you could have one stockpile of “resources” and one workplace to deliver to or you could have multiple stock piles of different resources and multiple workstations. This is basically a rework of the Crimson Wurm mechanic, The players run over the “resource pile” then towards the proper “resource receiver” then you have basic amounts shouted out by Gnasblade depending on the scaling of the event e.g 50/100/150

Clearing the rubble
This is a simple event based on the mechanic of the Cobalt Wurm, there are certain areas that need to be blown up and cleared away, go the the various piles of explosives grab a barrel and pace it in the right spot, this can also be scaled from 50/100/150 barrels then then you can have the rubble destroyed (and reappear before the event starts again) a-la tequatals entrance to sparkfly fen. This opens up an option to show progress throughout the event. maybe at the end of each day (or few days) some of the rubble and debris around lions arch disappears permanantly, you could even have rubble events in a certain place one day and then after a few days that rubble disappears and new rubble must be cleared at other areas. With rubble disappearing it give a sense of progression but i do understand some of the rubble serves a purpose, such as allow access to jp’s and vistas. That would stay, but other rubble is there just for looks, that can be removed.

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