Guild Wars 2 Suggestion:Change How Daily Rewards Work

Only being able to do the dungeon paths once a day sucks.

I understand that anet made the change “because its unfair for the casual – most of the playerbase”.But then again, it is unfair to someone that has more time a specific day to run more dungeons and can’t log in every day for instance.

What I suggest is something similar to how Destiny does something and it works well.
Instead of locking rewards on a daily basis, lock it on a longer timeline (weekly, or monthly) and allow for the path to be run multiple times up to the reward limit.
ex: I know i cant log in tomorrow, might as well run it twice today as i have time. Or farm the hell out of the dungeons today (for the week) and do other stuff the other days.

I made this suggestion for the dungeons as it’s something i’d like to see, but the game is getting too much overall “daily musts” which pretty much dictates what you end up doing that day (every day).

At least this way players get back a bit of control over their game time like “today im going to farm dungeons”, “today im going to craft this week’s ascended materials”, etc.

Summary: Higher limit over a longer time (basically equivalent to the current system of doing things daily) with the objective of giving players more flexibility of how they feel like spending their in game time.

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