Speaking Of Build Roles In Guild Wars 2

After reading up various topics in the profession forums I have decided to write to you about build roles. There is a pretty big lack of understanding on the difference between imbalance and situational imbalance.

Situational imbalance is an occurrence when (I will use gw2 for clear understanding) one class or build is better then another in a certain situation.For example, a Guardian bunkering a point is better then a PU Mesmer bunkering it. Why is that? Simple, a Guardian can sustain himself and his allies all the while staying on the point indefinitely. The PU Mesmer might in fact win the 1v1 eventually but due to going into stealth it will lose the point in the process. That is not to say that PU is a bad build, on the contrary, given enough space its one of the better 1vX specs in the game, WvW being the prime example. The Guardian on the other hand hits like a wet noodle and is worthless in 1v1 as it can only stall and get gw2 gold, but then again that is what the build is for.

I am writing all of this because there is a complete lack of understanding on what thedevs were thinking when they buffed LB ranger.This game has seriously lacked any serious form of range and positional play for a very long time. Sure we had Grenade Engi and Staff Ele, and from time to time you would see a mesmer auto attacking with the great sword, but that was pretty much it. Very quickly fights would be short to mid range. There was no sniper. They have introduced the LB power ranger as that option.

And I will tell you what the role of the LB power ranger is. It is bursting light/medium armor squishy builds, which include Power Necro, D/D and D/P thief, Shatter Mesmer, and forgive me if i missed a spec. It has the advantage at range, which it is supposed to. Once it becomes an in fight the odds are the Ranger will lose. Sometimes you will win but you will lose more. Furthermore there are builds that are a direct counter to this: Medi Guard, Eviscerate warrior, S/D thief. Not to mention that every burst fight is decided primarily of the moment of bursting, i.e. getting your opponent into your comfort zone.

Another similar situation is the attrition fight with the Engineer. Unless you condition overload them at the opportune moment, odds are you will lose. Fear/Condi Necromancer, Trapper Ranger and similar builds have the odds of the fight tilted in their favor. The turret Engi is another example of a build doing what it is supposed to, creating an advantage in on point fights.

One of the more prevalent arguments on the forums has been but its too easy to use for how effective it is. Well, not to burst peoples bubbles, but yes, all bursts are pretty easy to use when your opponent is doing nothing. Sometimes to counter one skill you need to use two or three, sometimes you need to position better, sometimes you just eat the burst and slam dunk the opponent and sometimes you die. And furthermore, who is it to decide what is easy and what is not, sometimes depending on the skill level of the players a simple button press becomes a complex sequence of events trying to get into the situation to actually press the button.

To conclude my wall of text: The only real proof is build/profession representation. In high level tPvP guardians, elementalists, engineers and warriors are the most represented professions. In competitive WvW the melee train rules supreme.

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