Pro Club is the FIFA series (genuine) began to increase in recent years

Pro club game mode which features? How evening pro club? Next, we bring Pro Club mode in detail.

PC-pro club (that is, the legendary genuine players can play to 11v11 online mode)

What is Pro Club?

Pro Club is the FIFA series (genuine) began to increase in recent years, an online game mode, he is different from the traditional football game online Battle Mode: After a player networking, switching control the cursor by a team of all players except the goalkeeper, search to another such player, the “one person, one person, one team vs a team” Battle Mode. And under the control of the team is a reality that already exists in the team, players, data, formation are already forming, players no growth sectors.

After the Pro Club is the largest eleven players, shirts, stadium, team name, team logo team selected by a player after everyone to join in, to establish a completely independent founded by the players and management of online teams, networking , such online search to another team (in a non-any mode), each player can not switch cursor, each player controls a position player on the team, and without the ball, stop the ball, dribbling, pass, extraordinary, shooting, fighting, tackling, blocking, pulling, all done by the players individually controlled, or play rattling striker, midfielder or play assists delivery, or play fun goalkeeper, the “Eleven Eleven vs a team, a team of “online Battle Mode. Each player’s own creation by players hone different locations to meet the conditions and goals reached after different sessions, attributes, abilities, special effects, hair, hair color will synchronize unlock upgrade from brat ability to grow a value of 75 a 90+ team core.

How to successfully play the Pro Club?

1.You must have a computer to run dynamic fifa15 (configuration requirements refer to the official announcement, the demo out next week or so after their own feelings about)

2.You must buy legal copies of PC fifa15 (piracy can not play any online mode to fifa15)

3.A genuine xbox360 or x1 handle (do not buy anything made in China cottage handle Microsoft is plug and play, perfect fit fifa, homemade knockoff just a patch settings you can handle your sudden death), as someone with a keyboard play fifa, I would say the direction of the handle is 360 degrees, the keyboard is only eight directions, single child computer might deceive yourself, but face a group of teammates, the degree of awkward your operations, and can handle the operation, it is difficult to operate a keyboard some of the function keys, you will be sorry.

4.The hardware is almost the same, the next step is pro club tee time, PC gamers are basically GMT 20:00 to 2:00 this time consciously set the team reported on the line, start the war, only this time his teammates , and a lot of opponents let you get met. By the way, some would say, the world is not in play? At any time to search ah. Sorry, the chian mainland play online club, you can make teammates are basically people from the mainland or in Hong Kong, one day you prepare yourself to deal with 11 Europeans? Moreover, the continent’s network, it is difficult to be found to the West during the day, so you need to try after 20:00 has its own time.

5.Pro club with singled single biggest difference between computer abuse is not just 11vs11, but it is a reality communication and team mates along the road, some bad character (to play alone, self-righteous, do not like to hear people mention proposal, not gregarious), low IQ or EQ, with poor awareness, thought pro club style of play with a single P, like to control their own villain can be like a person, like a computer to an enemy had ten players singled to play again well, child computer game into 18 balls, to the online club either did not play a few games on the team were excluded, become homeless players have nowhere to go, or is the lack of football and a group of people with the idea of long-term kicking a pass, simply never seen the true face of online clubs and fun, to the monthly folk Champions League match, or dare entered the competition, or is participating as a reward version of the team, bottom of the class, and abused the do not know where their problems such people, everywhere.

Above is playing pro club of some basic requirements, the legendary pro club threshold higher than any football game, say is this.

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