Albion Online Movment & Camera Angles


1. With the game being on a variety of platforms (iPads, and in my case a Surface Pro) , I think adding WASD movements would be a good Albion Online Power Leveling Idea.
For me, when I play on my surface, I have to use a pen, which means i am always clicking on my screen. I could use a mouse, but I do enjoy playing on the fly and don’t always have one.
When I play on my desktop, I use my Razor Naga and can play with one had, but after a while, I wish I could switch to the other hand, move with wasd, and all my skills would be 1-4, Q E, etc.

2. Auto run would also be a nice feature. While moving you are able to hit a button that just keeps your character running. Holding down the left mouse button for long periods can get old really fast.

3. When gathering its annoying when trees are in the way of something, or players are crowded around an npc. If we could rotate the camera, that would be supper helpful.

I dont wanna make a new thread for these new ideas..

I love the game sound, but am sick of hearing all the mount noises in town. Should add more sound options like Music, Combat, Players, etc. to mute several different things to hear what we want an mute what we don’t.

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