There are in total 20 divisions in Albion online Arena

To start this topic, I would like everyone to Albion Online Gold read the following:

In Atlantic online you have Arena fights every 3 hours where all the players have an option to fight in the Arena. If you win 3 fights in a row in your division you will progress to the next Tier. This can also be implemented for Albion online. At this moment the dueling mechanic is in place where players can duel each-other for a certain amount of silver. My idea is to build upon this concept and have 1 arena in the game where teams of 5 players fight each other in their division at prearranged times.

Here is a general overview of the rules:

There are in total 20 divisions in Albion online Arena
Each team is set in stone, if anything changes to the team line up the team will be demoted to a lower tier.
The 5 vs 5 fights are just like the territory war fights, this would be a great practice opportunity for guilds that have a territory and want to try out new ideas, this however can also be changed to 3 v 3 or even 2 v 2
If your team win 3 fights in a row your team will be promoted to the next tier, if your team loses 2 fights, the teams gets demoted to the lower tier.
Spectators are allowed to watch the arena fights and bet on teams.
All matchmaking is done with teams in the same tier, so if you are the only team at tier II you may have to wait until the other teams catch up and challenge your team
Potential rewards for the fighters:
Rewards for division teams starts at division 10 and up
Rewards will be: Cosmetic items and title (Division 10 fighter for example with a special hat) nothing that can give the fighters any edge outside of the arena but only respect.
Potential to be hired as mercenaries to fight in territory wars
Respect for being some of the best fighters in the game
I hope my ideas make sense and feel free to add any ideas in the discussion below so we can make this a real thing. I do not think it will be impossible with the Cheap Albion Online Gold mechanics we already witnessed and will be a great addition to the game! Looking forward to your replies, be sure to vote on the poll as well!

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