What about being able to re-spend fame for a albion online gold fee

You are what you wear, which is a big sell line for this game is only partially true. Yes you can wear anything, IF you grind that line of gear Albion Online Power Leveling , or crafting, or harvesting. What if you got to 4.2 on plate and decided you really want to try out being a cloth caster, now you have to spend a week or so and can not run with your buddies because you will get left behind. I had the idea ( and it would be a way for them to monetize) . What about being able to re-spend fame for a gold fee.

My example would be you have earned 400k fame in heavy armor, how about a way to spend some gold and let us respec that same 400k fame into cloth armor, or medium armor. Keep the respec narrow so that you are re-spent weapon for weapon or armor for armor, but allow the possibility of changing classes without having to effectively start over. You could do the same for crafting armor/weapons gathering types refining whatever. The idea is that each of the branches past tier 3 require you to specialize, allow that specialized fame to be re-spent into another branch of the same type for a Albion Online Gold fee .

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