The pharosHM, WAR/NIN/WHM in FFXIV

EX, get pharosHM, WAR/NIN/WHM, im runing BLM. WAR and NIN seemed to be averagely geared, smattering of 200s, not many 210s etc, WHM seemed to be highly geared. i was thinking, this will be great, the WHM will have the power and the NIN can aid the WAR in agro and TP and we can mega pull this dung to hell and i can flare till the cows come home.

i guess the WAR wasnt confident as they only pulled mobs as they were; so the first load on the stairs? normally yad pull the corruption things to the slimes and get 6/7 adds, then do final set at bottom OR pull it all. we did it in 3 sections, basic pulls are go. WAR has also TP floored by the time we deal with it all and get to the 4adds before first boss. No Goads :U WAR swaps into deliverance here and there, but i dont see the TP regain kick in, so no idea.

first boss, i figure, well hopefully i can kick out normally and if there is an agro issue we have a NIN right? shadewalker and smokescreen? nop
i begin my opener, first hit fine, second hit i have agro. pop my defensive cds, and do nothing till tank regains, decide to cast into ice to get the flow going without mass agro from fire as tank just regained; boss pings back to me regardless, so i stand and wait some more.

i do my first enoch refresh without having cast fire4 once :U
things also progress slowly, i may be a turret but im not full on solo dps tier; notcie the NIN is doing stuff like Doton on the boss? and using the ice mudra??!?!
either way stuff was slow and i couldnt go all out as i was riding the WAR for Cheap FFXIV Gil and didnt want to turn this into a ping pong game.
WHM was fine, im p.sure they did more dps than the NIN; WHM would continue to be MVP for the rest of the dung and put up with this [throws commends]

anyway, we pass, next section, single pull first robot thing, then tanks vokes second robot thing to single tank that before doing coblyns but idk smth happened and he had to tank them too, 4 adds!!!! i do aoe and flare!!!
i would realise from this point i am relagated to ST BLM dps for the rest of the dung even if 3/4+ adds :UUU
carry on, tank doesnt even pull next coblyns to the bomb maker so i can aoe from that, so i just ignore them and ST the bomb maker myself; hey at least it meant he got an agro lead on the mobs.
second boss, i decide to wait before making my move; tank pulls, i throw E4E on him, stand, throw Apoc on him cause why not. i dont begin my opener until the boss does his first jump basically.
by the end of my first F4 chain i have agro >.>
so i divert off onto the slime add, and hold back again on boss
much the same as last time but we get through so.

repeat previous single pulls
then we get to the big room with the 3 bomb makers and the adds and yeah.
Tank grabs first add while me and nin deal with the makers.
tank doesnt move
WHM tells him to go grab the two by the wall so he does
then tanks them nearby, leaving that 4th kobold by the 3rd bomb maker
SO me and the NIN take it upon ourselves to tank the 4th add, thank the lord BLM has its manawalls so the WHM could just regen me and focus on the tank who… had gone into deliverance vs the 3 adds and was pingponging HP like mad.
still we survive

final boss
pull, i wait, e4e tank, wait, apoc tank, wait, i even hit the boss with lethargy and virus just as something to occupy the 10 odd seconds i wait.
do opener, dont get agro! but i am riding the tanks ass again so, hold back time.
NIN still using odd mudras and doing odd rotations and idk
WHM chips in with cleric otherwise bombs wouldve had us in the later stages; i can burn one solo but both is tough so.

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