You’ve gotta be either a ffxiv gil buyer

What I do is that I have friends who are selling clears to keep track of the people buying clears. What’s funny is that a lot of them are “regulars” and I’m not saying they buy ffxiv gil or anything but….they don’t craft either…. Anyways, what we do is if some random person I don’t know join our farm I ask those who sell clears if the person is a customer or not. If they say yes then that’s an immediate red flag. If not, we’ll try the person out.

I dislike it mostly because I think it incentivates RMT. Clears ask for payment in the millions, and I have a hard time believing that someone who cannot grasp the game mechanics of a fight has however the skills to make huge amounts of money in a time SO short that they won’t consider it a massive waste of time and effort to dump it all into the clear of one single round at a duty. You can make money fast enough, yes, but it’s always something exhausting and that requires dedication and time to make, nothing worth throwing in a payment for a single boss battle. People can come and tell me they bought clears with honestly earned Final Fantasy XIV Gil but I simply cannot conceive that as the truth.

You’ve gotta be either a Cheap FFXIV Gil buyer or a hard-worker with a very stupid sense of value to buy clears. Just my two cheap ffxiv gils.

The OP is specifically asking about kill selling. Just because you’ve experience of players who’re bad in FCOB, doesn’t mean that they paid for their clears of T9, some could have been carried without paying, others might have even contributed to the fight but spent large portions of it dead. There are any number of reasons why someone’s terrible in FCOB, it doesn’t automatically mean that they paid for T9 or T5. For the record, I know a few people that are good at T13 and have kills, but they’re fairly bad at T9.

A lot of people that buy, are buying specific drops, in part because their own friends aren’t willing to do 8 T9 kills or 15 Shiva Extreme kills for a specific item of loot, or because they keep losing the rolls to other people, which is where kill selling groups come in. At the end of the day, most ffxiv gil sale is useless in this game, it only buys crafted items which can be worthwhile in some cases, but aren’t essential, other than that, you don’t need as much gil as can be made from various daily & weekly tasks, so why not spend it on a specific loot item?

The only real negative aspects of kill selling, is that it can lead to more demand for RMT, which in turn leads to more RMT advertising spam. And from my observations, the other negative aspect comes from people who’re strongly against ffxiv skills selling claiming it’s unethical or immoral, and how these people like to act morally superior with the way they treat people that do kill sell.

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